So, I have just finished Brenna Yovanoff’s second YA book The Space Between and it effin’ rocked my socks!
I read her first book a couple of months before it was released (ARC) and it blew me away. I have to say she writes about everything I love to read. It’s like we are the perfect writer to reader pair. If there was a website to hook up people who wanted to marry books, The Replacement would be my 100% matched companion. We would have an autumn wedding decorated in chrome.
The way her protagonists are so tragic and damaged in actuality is a refreshing read compared to other YAs where characters don’t actually have any real problems at all, yet complain the whole time, (cough-Twilight). The emotions, as well as events really give you a feel for how life, real life, is dealt with within her fantasy worlds. The stories of both books really just pull you in, making you want to read more.
Why, oh why can’t we have more authors like you, Brenna? How I love blood, death, violence, and above all, love.
Her brilliant storytelling lets me know that there is hope out there for YA readers who aren’t brain-dead. She greatly inspires me as a writer, and I can’t wait for her next book to come out!