Let’s Talk about Sex…

…And by sex, I mean Chinese take-out. ‘Tis the nectar of the very Gods themselves!

There is such a complete satisfaction after finishing take-out Chinese, I could die a happy person right then and there. All the salt and MSG concerns just fly out the window when I take that first bite. It is one of few bad foods that I don’t feel guilty about afterward.

I always order about the same thing. The only change being when I lived in southern California I would order orange chicken with pork fried rice, and now that I live in New York I order sweet and sour chicken with pork fried rice. It is near impossible to find a place that carries orange chicken out here, I don’t know why. I have had to sacrifice it, but the sweet and sour is a good replacement. Every once in a while I do miss the tangy taste of the orange chicken. I have even begun adding to my usual dish. Every now and then I get an order of fried wontons, or dumplings on top of it.

If I’m going Chinese, an already unhealthy choice, I go all the way and get it all fried. That feeling I get after eating something like McDonald’s of grossness, and sluggishness is a far cry from how I feel after eating Chinese. It’s so good I stuff my face until I’m completely full, then couch potato it up with some tube.

On occasion I will go out to a fancy Chinese restaurant and order something more flamboyant. Something along the line of beef and broccoli, (yes, I consider that fancy for me when it comes to Chinese.) But it never has the same feeling of eating the cheap stuff. You end up paying more money for a lesser result. Not ideal. Sometimes it’s all about the cheap tasty foods: Wonder bread, Spagetti-O’s, Top Ramen.

Last night I ate my usual and it was awesome-y goodness. The saddest part is when you come to the end. Whether the food is all eaten, or you are just so full you can’t eat another bite, it’s just unfortunate. (Until you eat the Fortune cookie!)

I don’t order out a whole lot, and don’t recommend it, but from time to time, it just has to be done.


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  1. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    I totally know what you mean. There is just something about take out Chinese that can be matched with the sit down fancy stuff. I love it! =D

  2. Armin Tamzarian says:

    I’m definitely a late-bloomer when it comes to my love of take-out (or delivery) Chinese. I order the same thing every time as well (shrimp w/ lobster sauce, rice, wonton soup). My only problem is that I’m hungry again within a couple of hours! 😦

  3. randomgotham says:

    You certainly got my attention with that title…but yes Chinese food is AMAZING, it is like sex. You do feel a certain level of satisfaction that can’t come from McDonald’s or Pizza, or even the fancy stuff. Sure it probably is worse for you then anything else but it’s just sooo good.

    Love this post! 🙂

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