What Inspires Me to Write

There are the usual sources of inspiration for when I’m already on a roll, such as brilliant, enlightening books, or getting some encouragement from an unexpected place. These things of course get me geared up to write, and feel good about it.

However, there are times, I will admit, when I don’t write for a long time. I get in these ruts where I lack the ability to keep writing. Sometimes when I feel like I’m going nowhere and accomplishing nothing, it can really be frustrating and put you down in the dumps. No words of support or marvelous books can get me out of that hole. In those times I have found certain things that inspire me so much I want to write for days without sleep. Those things are documentaries.

We as humans are absolutely amazing. We have built so much, done so much in such a short time on this earth that to learn about it is breathtaking. Anything from Ken Burns or The History Channel does the trick. Humans built castles and ships, conquered unknown lands, created gods to worship, and have absolute belief in their determination to do so.

To see how Alexander the Great fought to rule over most of the known world only to improve upon it; or Joan of Arc, a mere peasant girl, lead the French army to several victories because of her unwavering belief in God begs the question: “And I’m doubting myself, why?”
I can think of myself as small and not noteworthy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a future where I can’t become more. Great writing, terrible writing, okay writing. If I never tried, I would never know.

What men and women have done to earn their place in history is truly something to admire. It fills me with overwhelming awe, and when I am done watching the documentary of my choice, I look around. The TV, the bookcases, the rugs, the couches, the building, the streets; they were all made because of words people wrote down on paper.

That is what inspires me.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pj says:

    Very nice & encouraging thoughts. Keep it up. I like your little stories, very interesting.

  2. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    I haven’t written anything artistic in awhile, I’ve been feeling less than inspired, but this might help get me started again. I like the idea that you can see the goodness in humankind through documentaries. I’ll have to find a way to see the same. =D Thank you for this. =D

  3. Maria says:

    I see where you find yourself in those positions life is hard no matter which way you look at. And to find inspiration in our past is to find inspiration within yourself as well. I like the positive way you loo for inspiration. Rewrite.

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