Kendare Blake – Author Love #2

This Author Love is a bit premature, but I couldn’t help it. Kendare Blake wrote an amazing book last year titled Anna Dressed in Blood, and it was her first in the Anna series. The only other work she has out is Sleepwalk Society, which I have not read. This post is mainly going to be about Anna Dressed in Blood, and how much I enjoyed it. I would have liked to read more from her before doing the Author love, but I really do love what I have read so far. I am sure the rest will be great considering she has two more books set to release: Girl of Nightmares (Anna #2) releasing later this year, and Antigoddess set to release some time in 2013.

The story of Anna Dressed in Blood centers around Cas. He’s a kid in his late teens who takes over his late father’s old job of hunting and killing ghosts. When Cas hears the story of Anna, a teenage ghost who murders anyone who enters her house, it immediately draws him to Canada where he makes some misfit friends; including a popular bad-ass chick who can use a bat, and the school weirdo who happens to be a witch. Cas slowly becomes attached to the ghost Anna, whom he realizes cannot control the murderer inside her. The mystery swirling around her death as well as the death of his father draws them closer together in the fight for their “lives”. You will have to read it to find out the rest.

I originally picked up the YA because it was on a Cassandra Clare recommendations display at B&N, and being a fan of Cassie Clare, I decided to check it out. The story interested me the most of the bunch. As I have said before, I love love, but I also like weird, strange, and odd things. So a ghost hunter falling in love with a raging murder ghost just sounds darn interesting.

Kendare Blake did such a good job with Cas as a character. Sometimes when a female author is writing from a guy’s perspective you lose some things along the way, like certain traits males have. However, Kendare didn’t lose anything in my opinion. Cas is a total dude. Yes, he feels for Anna, and is drawn to her, but he is completely manly about it. He doesn’t gush, or pout. The chemistry between Anna and Cas is believable in a way that would seem less genuine to the reader if Cas was clingy or needy.

One thing I am glad she did not hold back on was the gore and eeriness. The first time Anna shows up and her feet are dragging down the stairs…… I almost peed myself. No joke. It got to the point where I was not able to read it before I went to bed at night. I loved it!

Kendare did a wonderful job with her descriptions of the characters, the settings, and the scenes. The story is fantastic, creative, and exciting. You won’t be able to put it down. I highly recommend it for not only YA readers, but anyone who appreciates a great story. I’m so happy I only have to wait a few more months for the second one.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read it!

  2. pj says:

    Not really my cup of tea, since I’m a big scaredy cat. But variety is the spice of life.

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