A Feast for Kings (and Queens)

Anybody who is anybody was watching the Game of Thrones finale last Sunday, but only the truly dedicated were also eating a feast prepared out of the official cookbook companion A Feast of Ice and Fire.

Every Sunday for the past ten weeks I have gone over to a friend’s house to watch A Game of Thrones. In the beginning we ordered our dinner in, but we decided to start cooking to save on money. Such items on the list include spaghetti, buttered chicken with naan bread, and tacos. Simple, quick meals we could enjoy, but the game changed this past Tuesday with the release of the GoT cookbook.

First we made the Iced Milk with Honey because it needed time to chill. As the name suggest, it quite literally needed only two ingredients, and was very simple to make. If you get the smallest carton of milk, it will be about four cups, which is perfect for two people.

For the entrée we made Bean-and-Bacon Soup with Aurochs Roasted with Leeks. Including the preparation time and cooking time it took about 2 hours. The soup took a lot of the same vegetables as the roast did, so that made shopping a little easier. The soup consisted of mainly vegetables in broth. Letting all the carrots, leeks, and beans simmer for an hour was easy enough. I just chopped up the same things for the meat dish, (only adding a couple more ingredients); then that was in the oven. When you look at the recipes they seem like a lot, but they are neither difficult, nor time consuming. Most of the time spent is just allowing them to cook.

Being a person who doesn’t really like vegetables, I was surprised at how amazing everything tasted. The soup, once mashed and with the bacon added, was delicious. The flavors blended together perfectly, and the saltiness of the bacon was what completed the overall body of taste. Even the vegetables with the meat dish were full of flavor. They merged their savory essence with the beef despite it not being marinated. The only differences we made, and which I suggest, were adding broth here and there while the meat was cooking, and I would have liked more vegetables in the tray. Even though they looked like a lot pre-cooking, they really shrunk afterwards. Next time, I’ll add one more of each thing just so I can have more to grub on.

Dessert was the easiest part of our feast. We made Medieval Honey Biscuits, which takes about five ingredients, and no time at all to finish. We drizzled extra warm honey on top, added some cinnamon not only to the biscuits, but to the Iced Milk and Honey, and finished the season stuffed.

It was a fun experience for us nerds! I am sad I have to wait a year to see the third season, but at least I have the rest of the books to keep me company through the wait.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. pj says:

    I have not seen the GoT as I do not have HBO. But, any show (that’s not a cooking show) with it’s own cookbook can’t be that bad. I love to eat! Those biscuits are looking ummy! Let us know how your next meal from this cookbook comes out.

  2. randomgotham says:

    Sounds delicious. It does suck we have to wait a whole year! At least the cookbook is another way to pass the time until Season Three.

  3. Paul says:

    im surprised you know how to cook

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