Nature vs. Concrete

*Before you read this, let me first tell you that it involves views on religion, (a touchy subject, I know). I do not mean to push my views on anyone, or say they are right. I respect everyone’s beliefs as long as they are non-violent. These are just some thoughts I have toiled with as a non-religious person.

Many extremely intelligent men describe nature as being as close to God as any human being can get. Henry Thoreau, Emerson, and Wordsworth were all smart and skilled men at their craft who adored nature. They wrote books and poems about scenes of natural environments around them, most of which were linked to Heaven.

The beauty of nature has truly moved many people. Flowers on a hillside, the sun sparkling off of the waves on the ocean, or the wind blowing the tall grass in a prairie are all images of unspeakable beauty at one point or another. Wordsworth described such images as pure peace and serenity, telling his younger sister to remember such pictures in her mind when times became hard. In that particular piece of work, he hints that God has created these scenes to make us closer to him.

Now, all this makes me wonder…. If we are not one with nature, does that mean we are not one with God?

I, myself, personally, spend a great deal of time within my four walls. No camping, no beach, no hiking. Nature can be pretty, but I seem to always view it from a window.

I used to play in trees, and roll around on the grass when I was young. A long time ago, I used to run to the end of my grandma’s street to watch the sun set over the hills. That was also when there was never a thought in my head that God did not exist. Of course, times have changed, resulting in my disconnection.

When I was fifteen I changed high schools and grabbed onto the first set of friends I could make. What I didn’t know was that they were the religious kids in school. I love a friendly, healthy debate every once in a while, and they were great to debate things with. One day when my chums and I were having our usual “Does He or Does He not exist” debates, I ended it by saying “No, He does not.” It was the first time I had said it aloud, and it rang true with me. It was just a snap in my brain, and from then on out I think it was pretty obvious I was no longer welcome to sit with the religious kids.

I joined school clubs to meet people, and I did, but always in classrooms. I never made friends by going out onto a grassy field and introducing myself. A structured environment just made more sense to me, and it remains that way today.

At some point, when I am walking around the city I will get a glimpse of nature that could be so breathtakingly stunning, yet lack the response to enjoy it. Healthy green vines twisting around an iron gate, or flowers growing among a demolished construction site. It’s small, and almost invisible, but means so much to the planet that it manages to break through the unbreakable.

So maybe nature holds the key to enlightenment. Maybe that is why I have not found it yet; because I have not learned to dance with the daffodils.


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  1. pj says:

    Religion has always been a touchy subject. So I think it’s safe to say,we tend to avoid this topic of conversation. But, a beautiful sunset, a garden filled flowers, the sweet scent of roses, the roaring sound of the ocean is something that brings a smile & serenity to each & everyone of us. Now that’s heavenly.

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