Creative Writing Class

As you may have seen on my Twitter and Facebook, I took a one-day Creative Writing Intensive Class last Friday. It was wonderful to say the least. It was nice to get a refresher on some old things, and to learn some new things as well.

I would like to share with you some of the writing exercises we did in class. This is the first work you will see from me! Do keep in mind it is not perfected, but the class responded well to them, so I hope you will too.

The first scene I am giving you is about something that has been invented and is described to the reader to get an idea of what it is without saying it outright. Please do comment if you have any guesses as to what it is.

“Mary leaned back in her seat with tense muscles constricting her movement. She had heard these things were a savior for travel, but breakneck speed didn’t sound all that appealing.
Mary was a firm believer in man was meant to remain on the ground. If he had been meant to fly, he would have been born with wings. If he had been meant to cross oceans, he would have been born with gills. Now that a new way of high speed travel that remained on the ground had been invented  guaranteeing a safe arrival, there was no excuse for her to not go to her granddaughter’s wedding hundreds of miles away.
The sound of the machine coming to life was almost silent, like the soft purring of a kitten. Despite not a single incident since its invention, nervous anticipation still caused sweat to drip down her temple.
If only she had left two days earlier. She could have driven through two states by then; but no, the Robinsons just needed to close the deal on their house right away. Now she was stuck in some kind of spaceship mambo-gumbo.
Gripping the hand rails until her knuckles turned white, Mary felt the machine begin to lift slowly off the ground. It stopped for a brief moment, then took off, leaving everything outside the windows a blur.”

In this next exercise, which was kind of similar, we had to describe a house. Instead of describing an object without saying what it was, we were to describe the house in a way that you would understand how the person narrating felt about it. Emotions rather than objects, and the creativity of the language bringing it to life.

“The house on Mott Street always had the curtains closed. The brilliant rays of light, try as they might, could not penetrate the rooms. The carpet was matted, worn out in some areas, and always giving off the perfume Eau De Cigarette. It matched well with the permanently indented cushions on the sand colored couch that were more like rocks. Most of the time the only thing to be heard, aside from the television, were car tires screeching to a halt at the stop sign on the corner. A thin layer of dust covered everything, soft and sandy on the surface of the phone or door knobs.”

Well there you are, a bit to read from me. I’m working on getting you more. Patience is a virtue, trust me. 🙂


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  2. stacy o'neal says:

    great job…keep up the good work and u will be a professional writer in no time, and can share ur wealth with ur favorite aunt… you…

  3. pj says:

    It’s great you’re keeping up the eduation. One can never stop learning. Both were good descriptions of your assignment. Keep the creativity flowing.

  4. Maria says:

    Great work girl…. I saw everything you saw in your minds eye that was awesome keep up the great job.

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