The Simpsons

I love The Simpsons! Let me be clearer, I love The Simpsons seasons 1 through 10. Everything after that kind of sucks.

I was born the same year The Simpsons aired their first episode. I think the love was meant to be. I watched it twice almost every day and sometimes three times if I could stay up until midnight. The humor mixed with the ingenious writing was enough to pull in fans worldwide. Although sometimes I hear people were put off because of Bart being a terror. Apparently something I missed since Bart is “pretty tame for today’s standards.”(A quote from the First Treehouse of Horror.)

I am not the collecting type of fan for The Simpsons, but I do have a marathon every couple of months just to refresh my memory. At my second job there were so many Simpsons fans we used to play a game where we would quote a line and the group would have to guess which episode it was from. Yeah, we were bored a lot at work…..

The first couple of seasons were good, the middle seasons (3 through 7) are amazing, and from then on to the tenth is back to good. The seasons/episodes Conan O’Brien had his hands in were the best: “Marge vs. the Monorail”, “Homer goes to College.” Classic!

One of my favorite episodes is “A Streetcar Named Marge” from season 4. Marge gets the lead role as Blanche DuBois in Springfield’s musical version of “A Streetcar Named Desire”, and throughout the episode is reminded of Stanley when she thinks of Homer. It was so brilliant! Flanders with his buff body, the Ayn Rand School for Tots, Homer playing the original Gameboy! I can watch it a million times and never get tired of it.

The Simpsons had a lot of plots and key scenes that were inspired by books, which I enjoyed. Kamp Krusty’s Lord of the Flies pig head on a stick, the first Treehouse of Horror with its Edgar Allan Poe, and, my personal favorite, a small scene in Homer’s brain where it appears he is writing Walden. His writing is narrated aloud, “Oh, God, how I miss TV!” And those are just to name a few.

The movie was okay, but I felt like it was dated by how political it was, but now I read there are talks of a second movie. We shall see….

In my opinion the quality of the show had gone down exponentially, but I still love to watch the reruns!

~Side Note~
I know I haven’t written about writing in a while, but Miss Sidney has a vacation coming up! So prepare for some writing updates!


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  1. Joel says:

    A perfectly cromulent post!

    Supplemental youtubery:

  2. pj says:

    I find the Simpsons to be great cartoon. I thing it was unique for its time & very funny to this day. I love Bart. Typical monster kid. I think alot of us can relate. Thanks for bring up things I don’t normally think about. It’s a nice break. Keep going.

  3. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    I concur whole heartedly! The Simpsons are just one of those shows that you can go back to again and again and just laugh. It’s good times.

  4. randomgotham says:

    Reading this entry made me think of our little Simpsons marathons we used to have…ah the good old days. Love the read and the video was great.

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