Book Addicts Anonymous

“Hello, my name is Sidney and I am addicted to books.”

Eight other members of BAA, excluding the leader: “Hello Sidney.”

The Leader, “Sidney, why don’t you tell us a little bit about how this addiction got started, and where you are at now with it.”

“Well, it was slow to start with. I had read books, but my obsession started when I found a beat up copy of Erica Spindler’s Forbidden Fruit when I was about thirteen. Its subject matter is totally not appropriate for a thirteen year old, but that’s what made it better. It was the largest book I had completed at the time, and sent me down the path of my addiction. I began to go back and read the classic children’s books: Tuck Everlasting, A Wrinkle in Time. It was all in moderate amounts, though. Then I read the book that changed my life.

In Freshman year of high school we read To Kill a Mockingbird.”

All the members of BAA nodded. I could tell I wasn’t the only one who found Harper Lee as a gateway.

“It was so amazing, opening my eyes to what brilliant writing can be. I had written little stories here and there, but once I read To Kill a Mockingbird I knew without a doubt I wanted to write. If I could write one story that only one person would ever read, then I would die happy. And as most people know, in order to write, you must read.

From there it was the constant scraping up change for another book, or checking them out of the library. I wasn’t getting enough sleep because I was up all night reading. During my first winter in New York when I read the Harry Potter series, I would almost miss my stop to work. It was a bloody mess.

Then I realized if I was going to be an addict, I might as well go all in. I got a job at a book store.”

The Leader, “Wow, Sidney. It must be hard to control your addiction in such an environment. How do you cope with that?”

“I buy more books.”


2 Comments Add yours

  1. pj says:

    Good for you! If your going to be addicted to anything it might as well be books. It opens your mind to a level no other addiction could take you to. So, read on BAA addicts.

  2. randomgotham says:

    It was R.L. Stein that got me into reading…though my teacher said that the reading level was way below where I was at being that I was in 5th Grade. lol

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