Summer Vacation

Alright people, we are through the looking glass. ( A Thrillho quote. I can do this all day.)

I’ll admit it, I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted to, but it was an awesomely nerdy five days. I did get to chapter four on what I’m writing, so I didn’t waste my time. However, it was comic book/movie week.

Okay, so first I saw The Amazing Spiderman, which was in fact amazing. Andrew Garfield, although in his late (late) twenties, pulls off a great Spiderman, and an even better Peter Parker. Emma Stone, who I go back and forth on, was believable as Gwen Stacy. I’m glad their chemistry was so good, it extended off screen. The movie was up to date with our technology, and less cheesy than the last trilogy. I like the new movie more because it relates closer to my generation of the twenty-first century. I certainly knew a couple of guys like that in high school, (if only they had Spidey abilities). It is definitely worth seeing if you haven’t yet.

Normally I don’t read a whole lot of Marvel, but I was itching to know which one was closer to the original story, (which should have been obvious), so I went out and got The Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1. Over the weekend I have figured out the trilogy was much closer to the original comics with the “gee-golly” attitude, duh Sidney. Whatever, it gave me an excuse to read some comics that I haven’t read before.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for The Dark Knight Rises. Why must you destroy everything I love Christopher Nolan?! Why?! I am a DC girl all the way, and my number one guy is the goddamn Batman. What the crap was that sh$t?! I willing to take a chance here and say: If you don’t want to do a Batman movie, then don’t do one! Do I really have to use a Marvel line on you! “With great power comes great responsibility!” You have the responsibility to make a movie that comic fans and non-comic fans will enjoy, and you didn’t do either. Can’t wait for the reboot. I do love my Batman, and that pimp Robin.

Speaking of Robin, I also watched the first season of Teen Titans, and started Young Justice. I am all about the inner comic this week. Because I was watching Teen Titans I busted out my Titans comics from ’08. I didn’t like that they changed artist, but man did Starfire look like a…a…well if you have seen them, you know.

Good vacation, guys…good vacation.

Nothing wrong with a little young love. (Teenage Starfire)

“Titans” Starfire…boy did she grow up!


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  1. pj says:

    It’s always nice to have a few days off. Especially when you can rest & do the things you like. I’m not a big comic fan. I like the costumes. The stories are little to dark,for me, these days. I guess it’s a nice reality break. Between spiderman & batman, Batman has always been my favorite comic hero. The 1960’s Batman show with Adam West was the best Batman shows ever. Check it out!

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