My brain is so black and white sometimes. There are two forms of entertainment I use on my travels around New York, and they are reading and listening to music. However, my brain can’t do both at the same time.

Let me be clearer….. I do listen to music on my way to the train and back, but for months I will only want to read on the train. I can get through a decent amount of books during that time, and all is well and pleasant. Those are the times when I get the most writing done, and am genuinely more productive.

Every once in a while, my wave of interest will diminish. It could be caused by reading a boring or bad book, lack of sleep, or just being too overwhelmed with choices of books to read. In those times, I really get into music. Everywhere I go, I’ve got my headphones on. I don’t listen to the radio, or really go looking for new music, so I end up listening to the same stuff over and over with no desire to read. As much as I enjoy music, it stops my creative flow, which is a problem.

Here, my small audience of people who comment, is where I ask for suggestions to get back into reading more quickly. It always comes back eventually, but speedy tips are welcome.