Oh, my lovely peeps….what a terrible couple of weeks it has been for my poor desk top computer.

It started with a blue screen that came out of the blue, pun intended. I instantly restarted it and scanned it with Norton. Nothing was found. A few days later, it blue screened again. This time a restart didn’t help. I left it off until the next evening. It seemed to be working fine, then BAM! Blue screen non-stop.

It’s a terrible thing to lose a computer. Especially a custom built one with all my work stored on it. I back most of my things up, but you never know! I could have missed something and it would be gone forever!

A computer-savvy friend came over and did some magic to get it to work. Once again, nothing dangerous was found. Seems too good to be true. Oh well, back to posting blogs for the world to see. 😉

Don’t ever leave me again, computer. I love you!