Back on the Horse

Our dear, sweet Sidney is back in the writing game.

I warned everyone a couple of months ago that I get into these non-writing phases every once in a while. August was a busy month for me in the work related area, and it threw me off my reading and writing. But you will be happy to know I’m back on the horse again.

Holding off on my classic for book club this month, I read “Alanna: The First Adventure”, “The Amazing Spider-man: The Death of the Stacys”, and am now half way through “Girl of Nightmares”. So far none of them are disappointing, and it feels nice to read again. As soon as I finish my current book I’m going to have to pick up our book club pick “Dracula”. I’ve wanted to read it anyway, so it kills two birds with one stone.

Moving sideways a little, this post is to inform you that I have finally grown the balls to put up a couple of my short stories for everyone to read. I plan on posting each one in two parts, starting with “Anamnesis”. It follows a young man who is trying to figure out how he ended up where he is in his life. I wrote it at the beginning of the summer, and have been waiting for the right time to put it up.

My second story is “Understanding of a Car Crash”, which I wrote not long after “Anamnesis”. This follows the conversation of two women on a park bench. One is a young widow, the other is her mother-in-law. They are both in the same theme and very dark, which is why I am choosing to put them up so close together.

The first part of “Anamnesis” will be my next post in the coming week.

I am going to remind everyone that I love violence, secrets, and, above all things, love. All of these will make an appearance in my stories for your reading pleasure. They are the first of my work to be viewed by the public, so I hope that you will like, and enjoy them.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. pj says:

    I’m very excited I can’t wait to read one of your stories. Your blogs are interesting & comical. I’m sure your short stories will be one of a kind. Glad your back in the goove!

  2. Thanks for your excitement!

  3. JoAnn Frank says:

    Am looking forward to reading your work.  J

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