Anamnesis Notes and such

So……….. how did the story come into my head? Well, I don’t exactly remember the moment, but I do remember thinking about the opening a great deal before I wrote it down. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I will wake up with an awesome idea that just pops into my head. If I think I’ll lose it, I’ll grab the closest pen and paper and jot it down in the dark. Doesn’t look so pretty in the morning, but at least I don’t loose it. However, with Anamnesis I only had the beginning. I could see him there dying, but I couldn’t think of how it came to be. The fact that I couldn’t figure it out turned out to be how I wanted the readers to feel. Why was he dying? Something has to be wrong with him, right, but what?

That’s how the ball got rolling, and I just came up with a simple chain of memories that would link together to show the type of life he lived, and how the people around him were. Unfortunately, as most of you will hopefully continue to read my stories, you will see that most of my characters don’t live happy lives. Hayden was the victim of rotten luck, like so many others.

Bethany was his savior in his eyes. From the little bits we see of her, she clearly tries, but the fact of the matter is you cannot help someone who does not want to be helped. I feel that Hayden knew this about himself, and with Bethany so blinded by love, he knew he was the one who had to break it off. In this case it really was him and not her. “Go Ask Alice” was suppose to contrast with her character, and give her more of a sympathetic view towards broken things. Hayden, who was in fact quite in love with Bethany, couldn’t pretend to be blind to the person he was forever. Sadly, he was a broken thing she could not fix.

The ending I meant to be sad and humorous at the same time. It is sad that nothing ever works out for Hayden, but I thought the breaking point was funny. An over due library book!

And for the record………. I have never read “Go Ask Alice”. I just know it’s a messed up book that would serve a purpose in the story. It just turned out to be good luck that I found the perfect quote from it in a picture.* I think it’s okay that I didn’t read it, since Hayden never got a chance to read it either :P.

I do hope most of you enjoyed it, and didn’t see the ending coming. Thanks for reading!

*Picture at the end of “Anamnesis Part 2”.


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  1. pj says:

    Thank you for sharing the adventure to your ideas for your stories. Anamnesis is very well written, with a unsuspecting twist in the end. I like that. I give it 2 thumbs up. Keep up the good work!

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