Summer Movie Madness 2013!

It’s finally time for the good movies to start coming out for 2013! The dry, cold, hard winter of crappy flicks has come to an end. Now we can begin earning out Stubs card reward points.

Which movie do I think is going to be the biggest blockbuster this season, you say? I know some of you are saying “Iron Man 3”! “Star Trek: Into Darkness”! “The Wolverine”! Yes, they will all do great, but my money is on “Man of Steel” for the winner. As some of my readers know, I am not the biggest fan of Superman, (more of a Batman girl), but “Man of Steel” has this dark grittiness that is so appealing. It’s directed by Zack Snyder, so we know it will be visually beautiful, and carry all his fans, along with comic book fans in with the general public. We are all hoping this will be the lead we need to get a Justice League movie going.

We also have a great deal of movies coming out that will probably make bucks, but quickly be forgotten. “Fast & Furious 6”, “The Hangover Pt. 3”, “After Earth”, “The Lone Ranger”, “The Wolverine” (yes, I am putting it in this category), and “300: Rise of an Empire”. My two cents are they will cash in, but be on a cable channel at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon in a year. Not to say they won’t be any good, but these past couple of years is proving to be the Golden Age of Comic Movies.

A few of the movies I’m super excited about: “The Great Gatsby”, “Epic”, “Now You See Me”, “The Bling Ring”, “Despicable Me 2”, “Monsters Inc. University”, “Turbo”, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” (Finally!), “Kick Ass 2”, and last, but most certainly not least, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones”. A lot of movies, right? Naturally, the ones I’m most excited about are the ones based on books. (Duh).

The only movie I’ve seen so far is “Iron Man 3”. I felt like there could have been more with the Iron Man suit, you know, ’cause it’s base around that detail. Without it, most of the action felt like watching a ‘Die Hard’ movie. Just guys running around with guns. The villains seemed almost ridiculous, even for a comic book movie. The moment the dude breathed fire, I was like “Done.” The ending was too quick, and overall I’d rate it a solid ‘C’.

“The Great Gatsby” is next, and I fully expect it to be fantastic! Directed by Baz Luhrmann, (Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rogue!, Australia), how could it not be? And, of course, it’s based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. Woot!

Get your pretzels and cheese ready, it’s movie time!


The list of opening days is to long for me to add, so here’s a link:


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  1. pj says:

    Summer & movies awful pair, can’t wait. All these different movies to choice from. I definitely again with your IronMan review. Thank for the advice on the other movies.

  2. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    This soun

  3. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    Meant to say this sounds awesome! Can’t wait to start in on these movies!

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