I know June is the rainy season in New York………but come on……..come onnnn………

I have stopped bringing my umbrella when I go to work in hopes that it will be sunny all day, but so far it’s just led me to taking home umbrellas from the lost and found. I now have an impressive collection of umbrella occupying a corner in my bathroom.

A woman today told me that I should move to California if I wanted to have perfect weather. I told her that I am from California, but I love New York. If only they could switch weather patterns, but alas, they cannot. And frankly, after seeing “The Bling Ring”, I am reminded that I would rather live poor and wet in New York, than rich and dry in California.

All I’m asking for is some sun for three months out of the year. The New York summers are what gives me the strength to endure the New York winters. Where my summer at?!


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