Sidney in South Carolina

Ah, yes…. I did deserve a vacation to the beach after this cruddy New York summer. I think we had one actual warm week. I have just about had it with clouds and rain, therefore a week at Hilton Head, (a small island off the coast of SC), was desperately needed.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I am a terrible flier…..TERRIBLE. I am a land-lover through and through. There is nothing worse then being trapped on a roller coaster for hours. Luckily, I was sandwiched between two friends (one of which was the book reviewer @girlintinyhat) who I could latch on to during difficult times. The flight was one of the better, smoother ones I’ve been on. Shortest as well. From take off to landing was only an hour and forty minutes. We landed in the closest airport which was Savannah, GA.

The rental company upgraded our car (yay!), but we didn’t figure out it had an iPod/iPhone hook up until half way to the island. We were listening to satellite radio like a bunch of common hobos! At least the healthy green of surrounding the highway was beautiful to look at. I’ve been in the south before, but that was almost thirteen years ago. When memories fade, you forget how lovely things really are until you see them again. The foliage was the healthiest shade of green I’ve ever seem; and it was my first time seeing Spanish Moss, which was super cool.

photo(1) Spanish Moss hanging down.

Our two bedroom villa was huge, overlooking the courtyard and pool/jacuzzi area. We really got lucky. Most of our time there was spent swimming in the warm ocean, eating crazy amounts of food, and doing some night swimming in the pool by starlight, but we did have a couple of movie nights. It was so relaxing! Just smelling the ocean air, hearing it crash on the sand at high tide was enough to inspire me. And I’m not normally a beach person.

photo(1)Fuzzy view outside our window.

I brought “The Bone Season” to read while I lounged around getting sand blown on me. If you have been keeping up with my tweets (@sidneymcentyre), then you know how much I truly enjoyed this book. I’m sure all of you have heard all the jazz: the author, Samantha Shannon, is only 21 years old, just graduated from Oxford, is going to be the next JK Rowling, and has already sold the movie rights. Most of that is true. I really, really loved the book and couldn’t put it down, but I’d like to see her grow a little more before she gets a real comparison to JK. The book had everything I wanted to read: suspense, mystery, sci-fi futuristic elements, and above all things, love. I read it so quickly, I finished it before we even went on our day trip to Savannah. I highly recommend it. JK or not, Samantha Shannon is going to be big.

ImageForsyth Park, Savannah.

Savannah, or the parts the town shows tourist, was very small, but very lovely. We went on our little bus tour that would have only been ninety minutes straight through, picking up some souvenirs on the way. It was definitely only a day trip. You don’t really need more than that to see all the cool stuff.

It was on the way back from Savannah (after eating some ridiculous fried chicken smothered in gravy) that I felt the itch. Like I said earlier, I had been inspired, but I thought I could wait until I was back in New York to start jotting down my story. Needless to say, we had to make an emergency stop at a Walgreens for a notebook. I know, shame on me for not having one to begin with.

The rest of the week was spent roasting (with 100 SPF to ensure my milky white complexion stayed in tact) on the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head for more reading and tons of writing. I am really liking where this story is going, which reminds me….. I have written another short story I am going to share with you all soon! Be excited! And enjoy the last days of summer!


The Girl in the Tiny Hat and I splashing in the Atlantic.


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  1. pj says:

    Ahh! Sounds wonderful. Wish I could have gone with you. I think we all need a vacation like that.

    1. It was very nice. I recommend it 😉

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