No Shortage of Entertainment

May 2014 is a good one this year. A great one, in fact! This month is packed with fun entertainment of all kinds. Movies, a couple of holidays, and book activities (in NYC). I know I’m a little late, but let me lay it down for you.

Big movie month this year. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ kicked us off May 2 for the big releases. I loved the first Spidey movie, so I’m holding out hope for the second one. I have heard a few things, but I’ll judge for myself and let you guys know what I thought (a great time to follow me on Twitter and ‘Like’ me on Facebook). Adding to that, we’ve got ‘Godzilla’ May 16, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ May 23, and (most likely) ‘A Thousand Ways to Die in the West’ May 30.

For the movie-lovers who don’t just want to see heart pounding action… In historical movies we’ve got ‘Belle’ which also released on May 2. The film is a biography of an illegitimate daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral who is then raised by her aristocratic great-uncle. It takes place in 1779 and the kicker is she is a girl of mixed race. For the comedy peeps: ‘Walk of Shame’, ‘Neighbors’, ‘Mom’s Night Out’ and ‘Blended’ are all on the list (A link for exact dates is down below). In serious movies: ‘Ida’ May 2 and ‘God’s Pocket’ May 9. Family fun movies include ‘Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return’ May 9 and ‘Million Dollar Arm’ May 16.

I saved the (hopefully) best for last. I can throw this movie into a couple different categories, but since it’s the one I’m the most excited to see, I thought it deserved it’s own tiny paragraph. ‘Maleficent’ releases May 30! I’m very excited about this one. Besides Angelina Jolie being cast perfectly, the beauty and darkness we see in trailer is reminiscent of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. The dark turn the industry is taking with fairy tales is just simply awesome. I’ve read we can look forward to a Sofia Coppola version of ‘The Little Mermaid’ as well as a new ‘Peter Pan’ movie just titled ‘Pan’, which confusingly has cast Rooney Mara as the Native American character Tiger Lily. I’m still excited, though. Hahaha.


On to the books!!!!!

Again….I know I’m a little late, but Random House did have an open house on the second. Moving on. Samantha Shannon, author of ‘The Bone Season’, will be at 92Y May 10 at 7:30. She will be in conversation with one of my other favorite YA authors, Kendare Blake, who wrote ‘Anna Dressed in Blood’. If you haven’t read either of these books yet, do so now. The link to buy tickets is at the bottom.

Woot! Book Con on May 31!!!!! About darn-tootin’ time! So many authors, so many books, in just one weekend. Here are a few of the superstars that will be there: Veronica Roth, Amy Poehler, Lemony Snicket, Grumpy Cat, Brandon Stanton, Cassandra Clare, Jodi Picoult, John Green, Lev Grossman, Maggie Stiefvater, Stan Lee, Tina Fey…..the list goes on and on. Book Con pretty much says all that needs to be said. I’m practically foaming at the mouth right now. Get your tickets for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend at the Javits Center below.


As if you needed any more reason to celebrate all of this amazement, we actually have holidays this month! One of which is today. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Many people get this holiday confused with Mexican Independence Day, which is actually in September. Cinco de Mayo is more of a celebration of Mexican heritage in America. However, no matter what it stands for, I really love tacos. Frankly, my dear, I love all Mexican food and a holiday is an awesome excuse to make tons of it.

May 11 is the only day this year your mother doesn’t have to cook for you, but she probably will anyway. Mother’s Day is next Sunday, so get your flowers ordered and your reservations made.

What better way to remember the great men and women of our country then by having a ridiculous barbeque Memorial Day weekend in their honor? I fully expect to stuff my gut in pride with hot dogs, hamburgers, and apple pie all weekend. I suggest you do the same.


Life for us book-loving, movie-loving, holiday-loving New Yorkers should be stupendous this month! Do as I do and live it up.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. pj says:

    Great review of so many entertaining events. Sounds like May is going to be exciting month for all.

  2. Maria says:

    Can’t wait for Book Con Yeah!!!!!! They are going to have one down here in Orlando, Fl too….About time!

    1. Awesome! Make sure to take pictures.

  3. Billy D says:

    Your a black belt wordsmith. Love the review.

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