Magic at the 92Y!

Earlier this month The Girl in the Tiny Hat and myself went to an author conversation at the 92Y. The conversation was YA author Kendare Blake interviewing author Samantha Shannon… the style of James Lipton from ‘The Actors Studio’.

We got front row seats for the event and scored some awesome videos I was dying to show you all, but unfortunately I cannot get the video to upload, so I’ll just tell you about it.

Kendare Blake was hilarious as “James Lipton” and looked like a pixie next to Samantha Shannon, who is very tall, just like the characters in her novel. The two had great chemistry together, drawing laughs from all of us in the audience. A great deal of the questions were ones we’ve seen or heard before, such as details about the movie and where she got the idea for “The Bone Season”. However, some of the conversation was new to me.

(Rough snippets of the conversation.)

Kendare Blake: “What word do you hate?”

Samantha Shannon: “Moist.” *Makes grossed-out face*

(About the short story she wrote for an Indian magazine)

Samantha Shannon: “I’d never actually been there, so I was using Google Maps.”

Kendare Blake: “How did authors write about places before Google Maps?” *Sarcastically*

Samantha Shannon: “Must be that ancient art of reading actual books.”

After the initial conversation between the two, the audience was able to ask some questions. This is when a few other interesting facts came out. Apparently, not much apart from the English name for tiny sausages wrapped in bacon was changed for the American readers. Go Motherland! The other of which is there will probably not be any Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of her second book “The Mime Order” because she is completely re-writing the ending. According to her, the first ending involved plot points she deemed too premature for the series as a whole. I was really hoping there would be ARCs available for The Book Con this coming weekend or BEA, but it’s intriguing she decided to change it. Not to completely despair, there will be sample chapters given out at various events. The longer the wait, the more eager I will be to tear through it like a wild animal.

Here is where I really wish I had the video of her reading an exert from “The Mime Order”. Damn you technology! I love you too much, and you do me wrong. Anyhoo, we got a nice little look into Jaxon Hall’s past….ooooh lala. Exciting. If you don’t know who Jaxon Hall is, then pick up the damn book already.

At least I was able to get some pictures! Here’s the small pay off I can give you. (Two of which you might have seen on FB or Twitter)



PS/ Don’t forget to get your tickets for The Book Con this weekend!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    This was so much fun! I can’t wait to do something like this again! Like BookCon! Book nerds unite!!!

  2. pj says:

    Sounds like an interesting & fun event. What would we do without books? The world would be lost! See ya at BookCon!

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