A Dying Art

Everyone has those “what-if” moments, right? Such as…. what if something like the planet was restored to it’s original form; the way it was before we (the humans) destroyed it? Most people wouldn’t know how to grow crops, or how to hunt. Forget about building shelter and making clothing. When I have these particular “what-if” moments, I smile to myself because I at least know a few basic skills. A few of the ‘dying arts’, if you will. I can sew, crochet, grow a plant, and I never underestimate the power of a hand written, mailed letter.

Leaving the survival things to the side, the hand written letter is a rarity. Keeping in touch has grown to all new levels of nothing-ness. I can text someone all day, write them emails, Facebook them, but it doesn’t hold a candle to putting in the effort of hand written communication. Sitting down and scrolling a diary-like sentiment on a few pages takes time and thought. If I write you a letter, it probably means you are worth my time and you should know it. I feel that way when I receive a letter. Even if the letter is only a page long, it contains your personal thoughts, and that means something. On occasion, in a modern world, it is nice to have something you can hold in your hand that reminds you of someone in your life.

For safety reasons obviously we can’t go around picking random pen pals and giving them our address, but there are still a number of ways to find a letter buddy. The military, for example, has a program for people who want to write back and forth to soldiers. I write to family members across the country, and some times friends because it is just fun.

My writing seems to be less and less these days, but I do have my favorites when it comes to stationery. For fun, quick letters I usually like to go with my foldable stationery kits. They are a one page sheet that folds into an envelope, like so:

For really nice ‘Thank You’ notes or business related stationery, there is always the conservative Crane and Co. They are a little bit higher on the price, but the quality of the paper and designs are worth it when you want to send a message to a client or associate. When it comes to thanking friends and family I find that Smock and Steel Petal Press have cute, funky, high quality cards. Letter pressing is sooo “in” right now it is ridiculous, and I love it. If you ever get a chance to run into your nearest paper shop and try out how letter press feels, I recommend you do so.

Navy Thank You CardLetterpressed folded cardNeon Green Thank You Card | Steel Petal Press

(Crane and Co, Smock, Steel Petal Press.)

Now…if you are really a paper nerd like me; someone who writes long-hand and sends letters all over the country for no other reason than she wants to….. I implore you to try this amazing stationery I have just discovered. Rossi 1931! Obviously they have been around for a long time, but I have just come across them recently. Rossi is an Italian paper/stationery company that specializes in gorgeous florentine designs. Naturally something has to be said about how good it feels for your pen to glide on their textured paper. They are a little more expensive than Crane and Co, but their work is more than worth it. Anyone would appreciate receiving such fine craftsmanship in the mail. I must once again tell you to run into the nearest paper shop and feel for yourself. You’ll never be able to write a letter on plain printer paper again!

One of the coolest things I've ever seen... you submit your own love letter, and Paperfinger will transcribe it in beautiful, calligraphic script on gorgeous, textured, Italian stationery with deckled edges. Waaaaaant this.medioevalis amalfi   correspondence cards

Write someone a letter. It’s a nice thing to do. And it’s also the only way you will be able to find out if the other survivors have more supplies without having to move your entire camp.


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  1. pj says:

    I love receiving a letter, card or even a brief note. It means someone took the time to think of me. In return I do the same which makes me feel wonderful inside. With the different styles of paper, ink & print makes it truly a memorable art form in many ways.

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