Sometimes Dreams Take About 5 Seconds To Rip Open

Yeah, yeah…I am very aware I have not posted in four months. Occasionally we, as human beings, need to put our dreams on hold for just a little bit while we are forced to do “real world” stuff. The last four months have been one of those periods. Despite how exhausted and, frankly, dehydrated I am from performing real life duties, I received something in the mail the other day that has given me enough excitement to start blogging again. I have documented the event in the form of photographs. Bare witness:


It all started with a text from The Girl in the Tiny hat…apparently I had received some sort of envelope from the publishing company Bloomsbury in the mail. As you can see, I was incredibly excited. Only the first 500 people to pre-order “The Mime Order” by Samantha Shannon were able to get an exclusive “On the Merits…” pamphlet. (“On the Merits of Unnaturalness” is a pamphlet written by an important character in ‘The Bone Season’ series).  I’d sent my email address and proof of pre-order to Bloomsbury, but hadn’t heard anything back…until that moment.

As soon as I got home I snatched up the envelope:


Now properly opened, I handed off the camera to capture the magic of the reveal:




Well played, Bloomsbury. Well played.

I can’t express how amazing it feels to own something so rare! Especially when it is linked to such a spectacular book. So good it has taken me out of my rut, throwing me back in the bloggin’ game. What, what.

8 See you soon.


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  1. rbspjm says:

    How exciting! That’s so cool. Glad your back. Missed your blogs:)

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