A Vain Post

“But, Sidney…aren’t they all vain posts?”

Yes, yes they are. In some ways all posts say “Look at me! I must be acknowledged!” However, this post has a more vain theme than others I’ve written.

I, along with many other people in the hair dying world, have discovered a masterpiece! And her name is Olaplex.

Some of you may have noticed I am not a natural blonde. There are several ways I have had my hair done; bleached in a salon, bleached at home, leaving box dye in for three hours. (Do not do as I do). As I neared my mid-twenties, I noticed my hair wasn’t as strong as it use to be. In the days of old, I could bleach my hair several times a day with no abnormal lose of hair. Now I have to be very careful about the method and the time I color my hair. I learned the hard way when I lost most of my hair last year.

Some nay-sayers will retort to my woes as such, “Why don’t you just let your natural hair grow out.” I call those people quitters. We live in an age where almost anything is possible, or on the verge of being possible, but I can’t be a blonde? B*llShiz, I say. If Sidney wants to be platinum, Sidney will be platinum.

That being said, getting the color platinum, and keeping the color platinum is a helluva lot of maintenance. Especially if you’re someone with naturally dark hair. By any means necessary, I achieve the color I want. Even if it means several hours or days of coloring. Then there is the use of purples shampoo to remove the bronzy, orange tones every other wash. And let’s not forget the absolutely important task of deep conditionings.

Leave in, or deep conditioning treatments are extremely important if you don’t want to lose all your precious hair while coloring. Listen to your stylist when they tell you this! You may not be able to go to them for coloring or touch-ups all the time, but at least take their advice on what to do on your own. Once a month I was going to have treatments done on my hair. The regular treatments helped for a little while, but I was still losing more hair than usual. Not wanting to deal with what I dealt with last year, I recently decided to dish out some cash to go to a “higher class” salon, if you will.

The stylist immediately told me about a product they’d just received named Olaplex. Clearly my hair needed some damn help.

Olaplex bonds hair back together during coloring, after, and as a once a week deep conditioner. The first two are offered in salon services, and the last one you can actually take home. The difference in my hair was instantly noticeable. The texture was smooth and silky. For the first time in a long time, my hair lies flat after a washing, instead of looking fried. I hate it when my hair looks like I’ve stuck my finger in a light socket.

I was unsure about getting the take home, or Hair Perfector No.3, until I heard all the gossip on the street about its amazing results. My place of business is within a block of four salons, and occasionally some of the stylists come in to shop. Some of whom I am on small talk terms with. Two of the stylists raved about Olaplex’s results, one of which had just used it on herself. Needless to say, I now own the take home, and what a difference it has made.

Always, always, listen to a trained stylist. My suggestion for all you color-loving blondes out there is to ask your stylist about Olaplex the next time you go in for coloring or a treatment. Don’t be a victim to bleach! Look your best, guuuurrrrllll.

Olaplex.com ~> To learn more….


2 Comments Add yours

  1. The Girl in the Tiny Hat says:

    Sounds like a miracle conditioner to me! So excited that you found something that works! Long live the Olaplex!

  2. pj says:

    Well if your desire is to be a blonde then all I can say is you go girl. Thankfully they finally developed miracle cures for the damage hair dye causes. I agree long live Olaplex.

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