Bi-Weekly Book Recommendation: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


“It’s the basic condition of life to be required to violate our own identity.”
Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Or, as the world may know it, ‘Bladerunner’…..

The question I always get when I recommend this book is, “Do I have to read the book if I’ve already seen the movie?” The answer is YES! The answer is always yes. What a dumb question. Come on, people. The movie is known as one of the greatest movies ever make. Don’t you think that might mean the book is just as good, if not better?

‘Bladerunner’ follows the same storyline, but it’s more like the tip of the iceberg. Skimming the surface, if you will.

We first meet Rick Deckard and his wife, Iran, in their apartment where they are discussing which setting her Penfield should be on. The Penfield is a machine that adjust a person’s mood, and willingness to do something. This sets the tone for the rest of the novel, the idea of being able to gauge and test emotions.

Rick is a bounty hunter. Not just any type of bounty hunter, but one that specifically targets human-like androids, and a group of them just happens to be loose in his city: futuristic San Francisco.

The year is 2021, and through Rick Deckard’s eyes, we see how humans live after yet another World War. They immerse themselves in Mercerism  (a virtual reality, multi-player system that reminds people they are human by experiencing empathy), collect animals for status, and breath in toxic fumes. We also get to meet a Pris. This may not sound like new news since Pris was in the movie. However, the Pris in the book is different and familiar at the same time.

Rick simply dreams of owning a real pet in this post apocalyptic world. Will his goal ever be realized as he tracks down the dangerous Nexus-6 androids, or is he doomed to dream of electric sheep forever?

Read and find out!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. pj says:

    Definitely sci-fi. Sounds way out there. Have to read!

  2. This was such a great book!! And I totally agree that the movie is just the beginning of the greatness! Thanks for recommending this to your readers. We must make sure all people read it!!

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