Bi-Weekly Book Recommendation: The Search for Wondla


“No living thing is insignificant.”
Tony DiTerlizzi, The Search for WondLa

I’ve mention ‘The Search for Wondla’ in a previous post, but only briefly. I feel the greatness of the story deserved a little be more of a recommendation.

This book was another find from my Borders Books days. I actually didn’t get around to buying it until the last days of the liquidation. The company running the liquidation was very strict about employees hiding books until they went on sale for ridiculously cheap, so everyone had to find creative places to stash their books. My spot was above a metal shelf in the basement that reached almost the to ceiling. By the time I pulled ‘Wondla’ off to buy it, the damn thing had an inch of dust on it.

‘Wondla’ had originally pulled me in with the cover alone. I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover. But, hey, some books have good covers and good stories. Every body wins. The artwork on the cover was great, I’d heard good things, and the author was popular for ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles.’ All in all, it sounded like a grand combination. I bought the book at 70% off, and dove into the world of Eva Nine.

Eva Nine has lived all twelve years of her life in an underground sanctuary that is designed to prepare her to live on the earth’s surface. She was raised by a nurturing robot named Muthr, who is determined to keep Eva on the right path. Yet, like most young people, Eva dreams of more.

Besides Muthr, Eva has been alone her whole life. She’s never seen another one of her kind, and hope comes in the form of a picture depicting a child, robot, and adult. The word ‘Wondla’ is printed on the front of this picture.

One night, Eva and Muthr’s world is forever changed when a hunter ravages the sanctuary. Narrowly escaping the damaged, Eva finds herself above ground in a world she knows nothing about. Everything is completely different from what her training has taught her to expect. That doesn’t stop Eva. She is determined to find more of her kind. She bravely sets off on one of the most uniquely heroic journeys I’ve read.

The story is beautifully written, portraying such a strong, young female, and the illustrations are phenomenal. Eva takes on the world with such a brave, positive attitude; finding new friends and loss along the way. She is one of the most inspirational characters I’ve see in children’s books.

Buy it here!

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  1. pj says:

    Sounds like an amazing book. Another must read. Thanks!

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