Bi-Weekly Book Recommendation: Annihilation

“Silence creates its own violence.” ― Jeff VanderMeer, Annihilation       ‘Annihilation’ was a book I saw everywhere. In magazines, on a ridiculous amout of displays at bookstores, and all over social media. I resisted for as long as I could, but the good reviews just kept rolling in, and, frankly, I loves me a good scifi novel. The…

Merry Christmas!

Here’s me looking at all the great books I received while wearing a monkey onesie.  

The Holiday Sniffles

I’m sick! I have a cold. Just putting that out there now. As if these wonderful holidays didn’t sidetrack me from my blog enough, I had to catch a cold as well? I tell you…any time I get sick, its like I’ve got the damn plague! Knocks me right on my ass. Well played, germs….