Murray’s Cheese Bar

Do I even need to write anything? I feel like the title says it all. (I kid, I kid.)

Once again, you damn lucky New Yorkers have one hell of a good restaurant waiting to be dined at. Just around the corner from the West 4th train station on Bleeker street sits a lovely little cheese themed restaurant called Murray’s Cheese Bar. Not to be mistaken with their cheese shop a few doors down.

A coworker of mine was the one to recommend Murray’s to me. She brought in an ounce of their aged Mimolette. Although this cheese looks like dried out cheddar with a rough edge, believe me when I tell you I could have died a happy woman after tasting it. One must never judge a cheese based on its appearance, as I continue to learn. The mimolette had a rich flavor reminiscent, to me at least, of a mix between a sharp cheddar and a hard Gouda with something else all its own. The ends were tough, but just as flavorful. I’m a lover of all thing cheese, and I can tell you that this was one of the most delicious dairy products I’ve ever eaten.

gouda_mimolette ->Mimolette from Murray’s.

Upon celebrating the day of my birth recently, I arranged for dinner at the cheese bar. The Cheesemonger’s Choice, five cheeses selected by the chef, and Fondue didn’t let me down. I wish I could remember all the names of the cheeses we ate…but all I remember are two were soft, two were hard, and one was crumbly. (Some cheese person I am…) Nothing lacked in rich, cheesy goodness or aroma. As for the fondue, a sweetness was laced into the dripping concoction. I believe nutmeg was referenced in the description. I honestly think I’ll just dig a hole under the restaurant and live there for all eternity. In cheese heaven.

Should you be a cheese addict like myself, I highly recommend the happiness that is Murray’s Cheese Bar. The best part of the whole experience is you don’t have to cheese-knife anyone to bring some of the delicacies home with you. Remember I said they have a cheese shop two doors away? Make it rain cheese curds.





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  1. pj says:

    OMG!!!! I Love cheese!!!! I am a cheese addict!!!! I must have it daily! Next time I’m in the big apple I know the first restaurant I will be dining at. All I can say is thanks my fellow cheese lover.

    1. I do what I can. 🙂

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