Bi-Weekly Book Recommendation: Kings Rising


“It took me until I was nine to realise he was letting me win. I just thought I had a very fast pony.” ― C.S. Pacat, Kings Rising

The task of finding a quote that wouldn’t spoil anything was extremely difficult, haha. As you all know, or those of you that have followed me since the beginning of last summer, I am completely obsessed with Pacat’s ‘Captive Prince Triology,’ and I have no desire to ruin any part of the new book for anyone out there who hasn’t read it yet. I practically had to swear off Tumblr and Twitter for a whole week while I read the damn book. Therefore, this quote is quite safe.

That being said, I definitely have some pros and cons about ‘Kings Rising.’ Surprising, there are a lot more cons than I thought possible for the seemingly immaculate series finale.


C.S. Pacat maintains her beautifully crafted wordplay. Her prose and story-line are excellent. If you’re a fan of the series, you will totally geek out and break into hysterics every time something amazing happens.

Damen, now a King, finally gets a chance to show himself as a leader, (which is mad exciting). You get to see him command an army, along side Laurent, into his homeland, hell bent on saving his people from his idiot brother, Kastor.

In his alliance with the Veretian army, you also get to see the stark differences in Akielon customs vs. Veretian customs. Some of which are revealed in hilarious ways.


While reading the book, I felt like something was lacking. It didn’t paint the same picture as the first two books. The explanations of scenes and locations seemed watered down, like someone had told her, “You have too much description. Take it out.”

The book also read like someone had accused her of not staying in her “romance” genre. The first two books, in my opinion, shouldn’t have been labeled as romance, because they offered more than simply love or sex. ‘Kings Rising’ was most definitely a romance novel. And because of that, I felt the character traits and personalities she had created so perfectly changed, such as they had lost themselves, or just became other people all together. Laurent in ‘Kings Rising’ will not be the Laurent you remember from ‘Captive Prince’ or ‘Prince’s Gambit.’

Lastly, ‘Kings Rising’ was utterly predictable. I don’t just mean a predictable ending. I mean it lacked all the twist and turns, the clandestine missions and plans the first two books thrived in. Every step of the story had a very predictable end. There weren’t any real revelations you didn’t see coming a mile away.

More Pros:

Despite the cons, you will still absolutely love the book. It may not sound like it, but I did love it. C.S. Pacat gave me everything I wanted for the last book, even if I didn’t get it the way I wanted it.

‘Kings Rising’ is well worth the read, and you must buy it and support the author! I need more, many more books written by her available to me. So say we all.

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cp->Damen and Laurent eating together. (Courtesy of


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  1. pj says:

    Definitely a great author.

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