Fiction Galore

As promised late last year…you’ve got some more fiction heading your way.

Written by yours truly, a short story by the name of “Gorilla-Man: A Memorandum” is making its way to the Sidney blog. Depending on how long it is, (cause I forgot, haha), the story will either be in two or three parts. Either way, I plan on putting all parts up in the same week, instead of spacing it out over several.

After the story was rejected by a great number of scifi and fantasy magazines, I decided to share it with the people who enjoy reading what I post. If you’re a long time follower, I hope you can see some advancement in my writing skills. End “downer” paragraph here.

In another exciting turn of events, I was thrown into a fiction workshop class last minute, so I’ll have new material to post more consistently. I know I promised everyone a serial fiction this year, and it WILL happen, but I need more time.  If a fiction workshop  works the way I think it does, I’ll be able to have enough material to carry us through while the serial novel is finished.

But the important question is this: should I get a new wig? Possibly two?


Photo Courtesy of Laughing Squid




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Rob says:

    Get 15 new wigs

  2. pj says:

    Can’t wait to read your new sci-fi!!! Loved your other short stories. Your an excellent writer or author I should say. Keep up the good work! As for the wigs, keep us guessing! I do like the unicorn color wig though.

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