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I was asked by Aya from BookLoveBabbles to give some advice about how to write a quick post with quality. I like to keep my readers involved even if I don’t have a whole lot of time (like when I’m in school), so I usually will post small updates on what I’m doing, and what is coming.

I have a couple of different ways I can explain how to create a post that is short, but has all the information you need to get across to your reader.

  1. If you are a writer, think of the post as a synopsis. You can’t write the whole story, but you need to get the main plot points laid out to A) get people interested, and B) keep people interested. Figure out what your main points are and tie them together.
  2. Think in terms of time: your mother or best friend desperately want to catch up but you have two minutes before you have to be somewhere. What are the important things you need to tell him/her in that two minute span?
  3. Remember those times you ask someone a question, and they tell you their whole life story? The kind of people you just want to yell “Get to the damn point!” at? Think of those people when you need to write a quick post. You want all the information, and you want it fast.

Most of my posts are not very long, unless it’s a short story I post in pieces, so I tend to always get to the point. Now a days, I think in terms of how people read blogs in the first place: they don’t want to read a novel unless they are reading a novel, so tell them what you want to tell them and do it fast. But remember to add your voice into the piece as well so nothing gets lost in terms of what you are bringing to the table. I like to add my lame humor and Simpsons references in abundance.

Happy Writing!


(Photo courtesy of Jane Friedman)