A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve been in a serious cleaning kick since last semester ended. I’m sure everyone gets to that moment when they feel like they have too much shit cluttering every piece of space in their room/apartment. I’ve thrown out clothes, old electronics, and–here’s the kicker, my peeps–I’ve decided to throw out my old writing journals from middle school and high school.

Blasphemy! I know. I know. In a perfect world I would have endless amounts of space for all of my writings, but this is most definitely not a perfect world. My plan is to either type out what I’ve written in the journals, or scan the pages into a folder to be saved. The work will not be lost forever!

To be quite honest…as I am rediscovering the things that I wrote 15+ years ago, I am kind of impressed by myself, hahaha. I’d like to share a little bit with you from a notebook I was using in, goodness, probably eighth grade. Here it goes:

“The Lambish Tiger” (by Sidney McEntyre)

I thought you existed for so long,

Even when life seems so wrong.

I loved you when I was poor,

Like you closed a window and opened a door.

I dreamed of you While I lay in my my bed.

I sang songs about you with your visions in my head.

I went to your house when I was young,

Listen to incantations about hell while your lovely son hung.

Then, one day, out of the blue,

Fate happened because of you.

I loved you, yet everything was done.

Suddenly I realize you were gone.

My days were gray, my nights black.

I trusted you, but you cut me no slack.

I went to your house, but you were not home.

I never turned my back on you.

So why did you leave me alone?


(Volland Mother Goose and Old Old Tales by Frederick Richardson (1862 – 1937))



One Comment Add yours

  1. pj says:

    Beautiful poem for an eighth grader. I am glad to hear your not trashing your lifelong writings. Your writing are who you are, they are your soul. Keep it up.

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