Motivation: Food and Books

The truth is this: wonderful books inspire me to write. However, food plays a big role in my writing process.

No jokes, my loves. Food is the foundation of my writing process. It is the unsung hero of word upon word of storytelling. Different foods are useful for different things in my writing process. For example, no matter what time of day I choose to write, (which should be all day, but let’s face, life is wild), I must have a cup of hot tea. I know I’ve mentioned this several times in my posts, but goddamn it is the key. My go-to teas are simple: green, breakfast (black), and/or chamomile. They get the creative juices flowing with all that natural stuff.

As far as food food goes, my recommendation is to say away from fried stuff. It makes your mind/body sluggish. Fried food or fast food is really more of a first draft kind of thing if you have to eat it. I love my greasy food as much as the next person, and I’m not trying to preach here, but it does make for some lazy writing for sure.

What I try to stick to are heartier things. The more natural stuff you have in your system, the longer you feel full and have energy to trek on. It’s the reason I choose oatmeal and raisins on a writing day instead of Fruits Loops.

At first it was difficult, cause I seriously (very seriously) love junk food. However, the result of my work is super important to me, so I am willing to forgo taste (in some instances) for longer writing stamina. The thought of being able to continually type without crashing is very inspiring to me. 🙂

Here are a couple of good sites with recipes in case you’re interested in trying out food motivation:




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  1. pj says:

    Definitely, agree with you on the mental strength and tea / healty food eating analogy. It shows in your great writings.

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