Endless Editing Summer

It’s time. It has finally happened. I have real days off!!!

I’ve finished my initial school goal, and my days off are no longer spent in classes from early AM to late PM. At this point, I have been in classes so long that I was a little at sea with what to do with my days off. I’ve grown exponentially in so many aspects (worldly knowledge, specialty knowledge, the written word), and it is time I put what I have learned to use.

Now that I’ve caught up on regular life things, (cleaning the entire apartment, getting check-ups from all doctors), I’m starting my latest edits on my manuscript! I’ve already completed a lot of edits and rewrites on my short stories, of which I’m super pleased with, so I am so happy I can spend the summer doing the thing I love the most!

Tools of the Trade:

PenTechnica Gen Pen 0.6

aliceAlice in Wonderland Flags

brainMy Brain

(Image courtesy of Anne Brogdon.)


One Comment Add yours

  1. pj says:

    Congratulations! We will enjoy reading your writings with your new outlook.

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