Bi-Weekly Book Recommendation: The Battle For Wondla


“Maybe answers are found not in observing but in doing. Doing the right thing” -Eva Nine”
Tony DiTerlizzi, The Battle For WondLa

I’ve done the Wondla books in Bi-Weekly Recommendations previously, (the link will be below), and it’s time I completed the journey. The wonderful part is DiTerlizzi doesn’t disappoint in the finale of his fast-paced fantasy novel.

Eva Nine and her pilot friend, Hailey, find themselves on an adventure to find Zinn. Zinn is the only person who could potentially stop his brother from destroying both the human and alien population in his attempt to gain power. Eva and her pal join a wandering curator in hopes that he can get them to where they can locate the missing alien. But can the curator be trusted?

Once more, Eva is thrown into a twisting tale of love, friendship, family, and war. She travels from refugee towns to cities on fire. Determined to fix things at any cost to herself, Eva dives into action to save both forms of life from brutal dictatorship. Who will survive the epic showdown?

The Battle for Wondla brings all of the charm and wonder of Orbona to life in the final stand against an evil villain. It’s light enough to be a children’s book, but written well enough that all ages can enjoy the story.

Buy it here!

The Search for Wondla


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  1. pj says:

    This book sound interesting. Thanks for the review.

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