Mmm Mexican

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted about food, so here’s Mexicue!

I had eaten there years ago, but the restaurant didn’t cross my mind again until last week. I’d been at a loss for where to have dinner with a friend for a couple of days, then-Boom-walked right past Mexicue. The name makes it pretty easy to identify what their cooking style is influenced by. The Lunch/Dinner menu can be found on the bottom of their front page.

We started with the chips and salsa verde. The chips were warm and crunchy, and the salsa tasted fresh with the perfect amount of mildness. The menu is full of a la carte items, so you can mix and match tacos, sliders, burrito bullets, and enchiladas. I ordered two tacos: Smoked Chicken, and House Cured Duck. The duck taco was good with it’s juicy duck slices, but the chicken taco was amazing! The slaw was fresh, and that creamy chipotle sauce was mouth watering. Both were served on corn tortillas, which happens to be my favorite kind of tortilla. I highly suggest the Smoked Chicken taco if you find yourself in Chelsea.

But what was the real kicker, you ask? What was the tastiest, most delicious thing I had that evening? Well, it was the Grilled Cornbread with Chipotle butter, of course. I don’t even know how to describe this beyond “it knocked my socks off.” The cornbread wasn’t dry, it  wasn’t too sweet, and it blew my mind when I added the butter. The cornbread is my number one recommendation to you all.

Go forth and taste good food!



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  1. pj says:

    Mexican is my favorite food. But I know last time I was in NY I didn’t see many mexican food places. I’ll have to try this place out next trip. Thanks !

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